We were delighted to once again welcome Carolyn Rose Gimian from Halifax who presented a weekend seminar on Making Friends with Yourself: The Power of Mindfulness, which is also the title of the book she is currently compiling and editing by Chogyam Trungpa, due to be released ini 2014. Carolyn’s deep understanding of these teachings, based on practice and study over the past 40 years, is a gift, as is her ability to communicate what “making friends with yourself” is all about–with both gentleness and fearlessness.

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These rap songs were composed by a group of six participants during the seminar on Making Friends with Yourself, and performed at the end of the weekend. (This is an edited version.)

Gentleness and Meditation
About our “personal things” and “negative thoughts”,
Be gentle with them.
Work on it piece by piece
Gentleness, kiss it goodbye. Just touch and go.

A flower has sun and rain.
Act of meditation is like water and sun
It will “gentle” you.
“I have one flower that’s doing really well”
Talk ‘bout gentleness; it’s liking yourself.

Can’t believe could have these thoughts—it’s a real 180.
Making friends with myself doesn’t mean everything’s OK
Things could turn on a dime
But over time
There’s a wearing away, an accommodating
Less judging, resentment and dragging myself down.

Just sit with it, let it be,
Softening towards it.
Meditation hones in on thoughts but doesn’t change a person
Cultivates gentleness over time.
Have patience.

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